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 30,000 kilometers
for the Children's Cancer Aid


Due to the Corona crisis, the 27th Tübingen Erbe Run required a new format, one that gave participants lots of choices. Athletes were given the opportunity to decide how, when and where to get in on the action. For each kilometer they ran, Erbe donated money to the children’s cancer foundation. 

“My son and I wanted to help patients with the donation clocked up by the kilometers we ran.” Dongwon Jonathan and Chanho Lee, Erbe South Korea

On Tuesday, September 29th, the final results came in. As the Sports Institute at the University of Tübingen declared, the participants of the 27th Tübingen Erbe Run covered a total distance of 30,000 kilometers. And they noticed that the Erbe Run was no longer limited to Tübingen. The open concept had motivated numerous amateur athletes in various countries to register for the event and run their stretches in a large number of different places around the globe.

Dr. Judith Wais, who organized the event together with her university team, was surprised by how well it went down. No one could have known beforehand whether amateur athletes would take any interest in such an event in light of large-scale events being cancelled. “Our experience with similar virtual sports events in our region tended to be quite sobering,” Judith Wais had reported with apprehension. City marathons in Stuttgart and Reutlingen had not drawn many runners. In contrast, the Erbe Run appealed to many. “We got lots of positive responses. The idea of running when you wanted to and recording the kilometers you ran motivated a lot of people quite a bit,” the organizer told us. “We are actually thinking of maintaining this successful concept, even after the Corona pandemic is over, or integrating it as one element of a running event.”

Erbe management was overwhelmed by the great interest in the run. On Tuesday morning, Christian Erbe and the other members of management spontaneously convened an international video conference to thank the Erbe Roadrunners from all the countries with Erbe subsidiaries. 

“We are delighted about the success of this year’s Erbe Run and the participation of our international employees. For this reason, we have decided to double the donation made to our social partner, the Förderverein für krebskranke Kinder Tübingen e. V., the President and CEO declared.