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Online training

Your goal is our mission – patient safety

Would you like to learn the functional principles and safe use of electrosurgery in an interactive
and illustrated manner? Register here for our e-learning course "Electrosurgery - functional principles and safe use" for surgeons, OR specialists, medical technicians, dealers and employees.



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The 5 most frequent questions

Why was this not explained to us in medical school?

▻ ANSWER ...

Why may the patient not be grounded?

▻ ANSWER ...

Why can burns occur on other parts of the body?

▻ ANSWER ...

How should the neutral electrode be attached?

▻ ANSWER ...

What needs to be considered in patients with implants?

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A Hero's Story

"I was not the best student at school. But I wasn't the worst either."


Animations have always fascinated me. When I saw the 3-D effects in movies as a young boy, I always asked myself how the animation experts achieved this feat. In the days prior to the advent of the Internet, such knowledge remained a mystery. The work of Pixar and other dream factories in Hollywood was shrouded in an air of magic. I wanted to be able to do that too.

It was through my family that I first came into contact with my current employer. What was it that this company did again? Medical technology? I had no idea what this was exactly. No matter, they were looking for staff
in the Service Department to take care of the device software. Again, the maintenance of medical equipment was a completely new environment for me, and I liked that. I got the job and with it access to a large company that developed sophisticated technology and software along with lots of new ideas.


And I got to know some great people. For example Antonietta Tancredi, and I will tell you more about her later on. For five years I was in charge of device software in the Service Department. In the meantime, I devoted myself to my passion, three-dimensional design and animation, during my free time
while planning my new house. There is software that enables you to create room layouts and move around furniture virtually. Friends looked at the digital home on my computer screen and were very impressed with the
possibilities that good software provided. They asked me to realize their own house project in 3-D. That was fantastic acknowledgement for me.

The training team headed by Jens Bettin in our Marketing Department had grappled with the idea of how to train the growing number of international customers and employees through seminars but without having
to bring them all to Tübingen to do this. Not everyone associated with our company always has the time and means to come to Tübingen and attend a training course on the application of high-frequency current
in the OR. Digital concepts were asked for here, animations of instruments and bodies. In other words, just my thing.

I hardly knew Jens. There wasn’t much connection between Service and Marketing, which was the department our trainers were assigned to. Antonietta advised me to get in touch with them and offer my services
for the implementation of this e-learning idea. The aim was to create a comprehensible presentation of the learning content with animations and graphics that simulate applications in a real operating room as realistically as possible. Fictitious interventions on fictitious people. That didn’t exactly sound like Hollywood, but was quite intriguing all the same. And at that time, Erbe didn’t have anybody in the company who could implement such a project. Jens wanted to know if I thought I could handle the task.

He probably expected the answer to be a no. I said “Let’s give it a try.” And off we went.


The 5 most frequent errors

Activation is too long, and activation pauses are too short.

The voltages selected are too high for the instrument used.

The patient is not positioned with sufficient electrical insulation.

Attention is not paid to the fire hazard due to flammable gases.

The application site of the neutral electrode is not prepared correctly.