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Exceptional patient stories

Straight from the patient

We aim to support doctors in helping their patients.
No one is better placed to tell how this works in practice than the patients and their relatives.
They are the ones who experience what it’s like when they get their quality of life back.


I was right to trust

Charlotte, a happy mother from France: “When I was 20 years old, I constantly had to go to the gynecologist because of abdominal pain. After several examinations, I was diagnosed with endometriosis – a common inflammatory disease in women of childbearing age.

My doctor told me that my disease could lead to a persistent reduction in ovarian reserve and be the cause of infertility. I was concerned about never being able to have children. But the clinic suggested I have a minimally invasive procedure that would increase my chances of getting pregnant."

Ingestion of a peanut

Breathing a sigh of relief

Parents of Angelo, a two-year-old boy from Italy: “During a family lunch, our son had choked on a nut while playing. He then had a very bad cough that wouldn’t stop. We immediately drove to the emergency room of our nearby clinic.

If something blocks the bronchial tubes of a small child, the lungs can collapse. This situation is very serious, especially for a two-year-old child. After getting a grasp of the situation, the doctors decided to remove the nut as quickly as possible with cryoextraction."

Disorder of kidney function

Maria, the miracle

Mother of Maria, a little girl from Moscow: “Maria is our youngest daughter. When she was born, everything seemed to be fine. After a few months, we began to worry a lot about Maria.

She hardly had any appetite and just wasn’t sleeping much. Very unusual for an infant. When the doctor examined her, he suspected a disorder of her kidney function and sent us to a specialist in Moscow."

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Especially at the present time, when doctors and nursing staff are facing particular challenges, we are constantly reminded of how much healthcare professionals all over the world do to protect people‘s health and save lives. It’s the exceptional people like Olivia and Jacob who do remarkable things every day.

Please contact your physician if you would like to know more about the procedures and the interventions.

The information and materials on this page are not a substitute for medical advice from your physician, with whom you should discuss diagnosis and treatment, benefits and risks. Treatment outcomes may vary from patient to patient.